Michigan families need better choices and more affordable options for educating their children - Improving education choices and quality should be the goal of our education policy.

Expand School Choice Options - more charter & cyber schools.

Place the Parents in Control - let them decide which type of
learning environment is best for their child.

Advocate for Education Reform - provide our children with an
education that utilizes funding to its full potential.

Work to End Common Core (the nationally mandated curriculum)
- let teachers do their jobs without needless government red-tape.

Encourage American Exceptionalism - help students to
understand the history and greatness of our nation.




For those of you that can support my campaign for State Board of Education, I certainly would
appreciate the assistance. In campaign races I do not receive any financial support from the party
leadership. I have never been the "Establishment's Candidate." I am totally devoted to explaining
liberty and freedom, while contrasting those concepts against socialism. Whatever amount you
can give is greatly appreciated!



Attorney who can work with legislators to remove statutory impediments to great learning; accountant who can get into the books and expose waste.